Champassak City tour

Head south to Champassak City to visit one of the oldest archaeological site in Laos, the Wat Phu, or Mountain Temple (6th-13th century), built by the pre-Angkorian Khmers about 200 years before Angkor Wat. Wat Phu is situated at the foot of the holy mountain - Phu Kao, and offers a splendid scenery of the surrounding plains and the Mekong River. The stone complex is consisted of two ruined palaces and a hall on the lower terrace, six shrines on the middle and a temple sanctuary on the upper. Wat Phu has been designated as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002. Continue further south to Tha Ban Hat and cross the Mekong River by a ferry to Tha Ban Na for the journey to Don Khong Or Khong Island, located within the region of Si Phan Done (or Four Thousand Islands). Don Khong, with its peaceful villages and lovely people, offers a great unique experience in this unexplored southern land. In the late afternoon, visit to Muang Sene to enjoy the sunset over the Mekong River. Overnight in Don Khong.